Enterprise IT is being transformed  by the cloud in fundamental way. Its not longer a just a sandbox environment for non-critical IT payloads, it is increasingly becoming critical part core IT vision and architecture. Companies of all sizes are reaping benefits of the cloud by offloading some of the low level operations to public could services like Azure, AWS and leveraging pay per use model.

As cloud technologies are maturing and new features are being added at constant pace. Enterprises are growing increasingly comfortable  for their critical business functions and willing to embrace more than ever.

GlitterPoint’s Cloud services allows more flexibility and greater business agility with right combination of expertise and extensive Microsoft experience.

Our Cloud Capability and Approach:

  • Assess
  1. Application Portfolio Analysis
  2. Cloud service assessment
  3. Security and scalability assessment
  4. Rapid prototyping
  • Design
  1. Solution architecture
  2. Technical design
  3. UX design
  • Implement
  1. App / Payload Migration to cloud architecture
  2. Setup cloud artifacts
  3. Custom app development based on cloud features
  4. Mobile app development
  • Operate
  1. Remote monitoring
  2. Extensions
  3. Maintenance and Support
  • Call us for to find out how we can help