Recently we needed to create a Power BI Dashboard with live charts and other visuals for data coming from Stream Analytics at real-time from IoT devices. And we learnt that reports that are based on streaming datasets are not supported by Power BI Embed. Keep reading for details of the validation process. We had to alter the design of our solution to source the reports from data stored in SQL Azure.

Validation Steps:

I’m using Visual Studio to create a website and publish it to Azure website. You can use tool of your choice and host the application locally and test it.

  1. Open Visual Studio and create New Website -> ASP.NET Empty Web Site.

2016-12-21-17Fig 1: Create ASP.NET Empty Website

  1. Add an index.html page and add then embed code from report having real-time data. Open Power BI Dashboard, go to a report with streaming dataset, select File -> Publish to Web and add the embedded code to the index.html page, publish the website to Azure by right clicking on Website Name and clicking on Publish and choosing the Publish to Azure option.

2016-12-21-13Fig 2: Publish to Web


2016-12-21-12Fig 3: Get Iframe Embed Code


Fig 4: Add Iframe to web page and publish app to Azure


2016-12-21-11Fig 5: Accessing the page on published URL gives an error


  1. To check if Power BI gives the similar result in case of reports having data coming from non-streaming datasets like SQL Azure, we took another report having SQL Azure dataset and embedding it to a new page in the website, then publishing again to the Azure portal.

2016-12-21-15Fig 6: Add iframe of second report from non-streaming dataset to new page and Publish to Azure

2016-12-21-14Fig 7: Access the page on Azure portal and report will be shown

Conclusion: Streaming datasets are not supported by Power BI Embed and we do hope that will be supported soon. Till then we’ll have to fall back on database backed reports and embed them in custom applications.

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