Simple Internet of Things Concept Design

IoT picking up the momentum with Proliferation of smart phones, smart watches, smart appliances, smart homes and smart cars.. The list is only getting bigger.  It is estimated to be 50 Billion connected device by 2020. That gives a great market opportunity technology companies and also poses monumental challenges for IT in terms of data, device and security.

 It requires perhaps new bread of solution design to support that scale. Great deal of activities and offerings coming from various constituents of the ecosystem- from Cloud technology providers to sensor manufacturers to open source community.

 In consumer market – IoT is likely to impact business model innovation significantly. Companies would be forced to rethink their value proposition. Likely to have new line of regulations in that space.

 This is no means comprehensive, but below are few broad areas that we see some action happening:

 Architecture and standardization:

  • Few weeks ago IBM  & Samsung has proposed an IoT architecture standard that is based on open source. It addresses from devices and Operating systems,  all the way to Analytics. It’s a decentralized architecture with heavy emphasis on P2P protocols (BlockChain) .  Watch Youtube video outlining the efforts. See details.
  • IBM is pledged to open source it on GitHub.

 Backend Cloud and Analytics:

Cloud vendors are adding new features to support IOT. Below are some of the obvious ones in the landscape.

  • Microsoft Azure Mobile Services  – to store the data generated by devices/apps. Stream Analytics – allows to capture high velocity data, correlate across multiple data steams coming from various source and eventually feed that into Big Data story.
  • IBM’s IoT Foundation – provides the services from device registration, security to data storage.
  • Amazon and Cisco’s has products and solution offerings in IoT space as well. 

Sensor/Device and Apps:

  • Open source community has been putting together building blocks that would be vendor and device agnostic
    • More sensors and devices being built to run  Linux, Android, Tizen and many others.
    • Peer-To-Peer Transactional capabilities like BlockChain, Standard messaging and communication stack.
    • More blocks being added in this space by open source community.

It’s great to see new breed of innovation take birth and take part of its journey as it becomes bigger and more mature. I personally became IoT enthusiast, Will share my experience as i get to play with above mentioned stack, in future articles.

Happy Holidays and wish you a very happy new year!

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